The Rolling Fork Public Utility District acquired the land for the park in 1991.  The park is a heavily-wooded oasis of approximately 8.4 acres and is located at the busy corner of Rodney Ray Blvd and Fairbanks North Houston, offering a little bit of country quiet in a demanding chaotic world.   The park consists of a crushed granite walking trail of approximately 0.69 miles.  There are two baseball fields, an exercise area with various exercise stations, a volley ball court, a “kiddie park: for children 5 and under and a larger park area for children over 5 with swings, slides, and all sorts of various rides in both parks.  There is also a gazebo in the park and in the middle of the park a contemplative area, with benches, and a Little Free Library where you can take a book or leave a book, for reading, meditating or whatever calms your mind.  In addition on one side is a small field for playing or picnicking with additional picnic tables scattered through the park area.

These areas provide greenspace conservation and provide an opportunity for residents and their family to enjoy nature close by to where they reside.  The park is a continuing work in progress with the board maintaining and overseeing projects to improve the park amenities.